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My Strengths, Style & Instincts

Looking to find out more about my work style and whether or not I will fit in with your organization? I've laid all my cards on the table below...


DISC Assessment

Find out more about my personality, leadership style, and behavior patterns. Hint: I'm an "influencer".

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What makes me stand out from the crowd? Distinctive ways I make decisions, take actions and form relationships.

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Kolbe A 

This assessment is designed to measure people's actions in particular situations – their natural instincts.

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What other people say...

People I've worked with – on my essential strengths

  • "You're a builder, not just a manager. You are compelled by the challenge of creating new structures or meeting an ambitious goal."

  • "You're driven by mission. It's hard to imagine you as a satisfied 'gun for hire' for a company or organization you don't believe in."

  • "You see relationship geometry. You intuitively know who should connect with whom (and even in what kind of environment it should happen)."

  • "You have a magnetic and charismatic presence. You generate excitement and easily recruit interest and support of all kinds."

  • "You fully immerse yourself in projects. From the moment you started, the rubber hit the road for you and you so fully educated yourself on all aspects of the organization, the cause, the brand, the needs – and brought to the table a new kind of energy. Your energy was incredibly authentic as was your dedication."

  • "You seek organizational clarity and alignment." 

  • "You like to be part of the team that's making decisions and it's important to you that the person to whom you report respect your expertise and recognize the ways you contribute to organizational goals and mission." 

  • "You need strategy to be data driven."

  • "You respond strongly to story: people and their journeys, seeing beauty particularly in brilliance combined with overcoming adversity, and want to help people advance."

  • "Your energy was like an electric jolt and that energy sustained and never wavered." 

  • "You made the mission your own, which is not something most employees are able to do – the way you invested yourself is more typical of a business owner, not an employee who disconnects personally and intellectually as soon as they step out the door to go home."

  • "You love the creative process and excel at idea generation." 

  • "You were very analytical and deconstructed processes and did thorough audits of operations to identify what worked, what didn't, and what had become routine that shouldn't have."

  • "You have an inspiring design aesthetic."

  • "I really loved that you maintained NYC agency level standards and expectations and didn't waver on that. You held your ground and knew we could always do better."

  • "You respond strongly to multi-sensory experience, and think in terms of creating them. Beyond the 5 senses: tastes, fragrances, visuals of all kinds, sound, touch-feel, and very much including energetic feel, especially of spaces. You love sensory experiences and want others to experience them too." 

  • "You have a special gift for making people feel welcome, valued, and important." 

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